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Our Eco-Friendly Approach

In a modernising world, plastic is an essential raw material and has become ubiquitous in the manufacture of a broad range of products from children’s toys, plastic bags, water bottles, and the majority of packaging. Poor plastic waste disposal means that combined with increasing global production of plastics, the result has been the growing presence of microplastics in the environment. Microplastics come from a variety of sources such as large plastic debris that degrades into smaller pieces (millimetres in size). Microplastics from plastic products contaminate our soil, marine wildlife, and damage the entire eco-system.


These microplastics are known to absorb pollutants that can lead to chemical poisoning of organisms that accidentally ingest them and is especially problematic in fish – which then contaminate the human food chain.

Safe for the Environment

ENVIPLAST is made from industrial natural starches and has no adverse effect on the environment.

Free from Microplastics

ENVIPLAST contains NO polyolefin plastic so it does not form any microplastics.


ENVIPLAST biodegrades naturally with the help of macro and microorganisms.

ENVIPLAST® is a direct response to global issues of today i.e. single use plastic bags pollution and limited fossil reserves. Plastic bag producers must now look to alternatives that not only adequately satisfy their business needs but also offer a sustainable approach for expansion.